Photographs of The Sultan’s Armed Forces 1974-76

Personalities and some Uniforms of the period with Thumbnail photograph links

Photographs of personalities in SAF were few and far between during the tour. Some names have lapsed in the memory, while others are no longer with us.
A request received for regimental dress photographs has highlighted only the few taken, and those shown in row 3 below were taken in February 1976 after the new ‘service dress’ had been initiated in late 1975.

Umm al Gwarrif R&R Group 1974
Diana 2 'OH!' Group
With the Wali of Sayq 1974
Peter Morgan 'Moving on'
Tawi Attair Firqa 1974
Op Hammer Firqa 1974
A patrol stop 1974
Sgt Muscat Regiment 1976
Sgt Oman Gendarmerie 1976
Sgt Northern Frontier Regiment 1976
Cpl Royal Guard 1976
Royal Oman Police 1976

Desert Regiment wore
sand coloured berets

Jebel Regiment wore
grey coloured berets.

KJ wore dark green berets

FF wore dark green berets

Cpl Royal Guard 1976 Royal Oman Police 1976  Ian Gardiner, David Cuthbertson, & Graeme Smith-Pigott -1975

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