55 Field Surgical Team RAMC

“Omani and Allied Forces”

The briefing before we were deployed to Oman was that we were there primarily to support BATT. The Omanis did not pay the UK government for the services of the FST. The MOD regarded the experience gained by FST members was of such value that they would fund their deployment. A similar reasoning applied to BATT.  Naturally the FST was also tasked to assist any other UK  and Omani units in Dhofar. In practice the FST took the opportunity to give assistance to the civilian community as well.

Logistically it made sense that we were based at RAF Salalah. Realistically there was far more work to be done with other elements of armed forces in Dhofar than exclusively with BATT.

Practically the FST not only performed the necessary surgery when required but also gave some reassurance that help was there if needed. This unquestionably contributed to morale and possibly aided the recruitment of contract officers.


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