55 Field Surgical Team RAMC

The Technicians Tale

From: David Barrow [davidbarrowl@btinternet.com]

Sent: 08 December 2005 11:37

To: billdebass@btinternet.com

Subject: 55 FST

Hello Bill – Just back from a business trip in Italy and …. I decided that I would pay my first visit to the 55 F5T web site.

I will sift through my old photo albums to see if I still have any photos. I wish I had kept my records relating to blood transfusion. I recall that the previous FST had cross matched less than 10 units of blood – I seem to remember they were all for non-battle casualties. This compared with around 120 units during our time there – all of which were for battle casualties!

I also remember that you enlisted me as your assistant during the treatment of the Mirbat wounded. One patient turned out to be the quartermaster of the Adoo. He was not the most seriously wounded so you told me to keep an eye on him – along with the other 3 casualties waiting treatment from Joe!

In answer to my question: ‘What do I do if he appears to be in pain?’ you said “Give him a shot of this and just keep a record of how much and when”. By the time it was his turn to go into theatre, you looked at my records and suggested that he would not need any help from you! Well he did moan a lot so I did as instructed!

Some days later I was given the job of driving him in the landrover ambulance to the local forces camp. Joe insisted that I take a weapon so I drew a Browning out of the armoury. On my return, the RAF policeman on gate duty said that I should report to Andy the armourer ASAP. Which I did. On seeing me Andy asked about the pistol. Picking it up I said ‘here it is’. ‘Great he said, here is the magazine with the ammo!’ Ah well, I was a lab tech!

Anyway, to the team photo. The 4th person in the back row is Roger Lynn and the chap at the far left front row is the RAMC clerk – Tony Powell. don’t know who the other chap is. I recognise him but can’t remember his name.

All the best