The SAS or BATT (British Army Training Team)  were in Oman to marshal that unruly element of the sultan’s supporters, the firqats, to fight the dissidents. The firquats consisted of numbers of jebali tribesmen who had intimate knowledge of their local part of the jebel. They were unpredictable, fickle and at the same time brave with a good “feel” for the ground.

Teams of four SAS soldiers  were allocated to different firqats, gained their confidence, fought alongside them and persuaded them that life would be better if they sided with the the sultan. A better life meant more food, more modern weapons, helicopter transport, medical treatment and a regular wage. None of which could be provided by the dissidents.

The SAS in their turn also required comprehensive yet discrete (?) support. Artillery and  air strikes that gave them the edge and of course the normal logistics support that all units need.  55FST had been formed to provide their medical backup.