The Aqualung Club was formed in 1971

I had my first ever bubble with an aqua lung in the pool and acted as snorkel cover for Mick Williams who had his first dive at Raysut with the Diving Instructor Ian Purvis. Mick is on the extreme left of the photo as you look at it and Ian is to the left of the CO as you look at it.

Mick had a pleasant dive at about 10 metres for about half an hour. After the dive I was told there was a dead hammerhead shark on the beach about 300 meters away so there I was unaware of the danger and acting as safety cover for the two divers.

One law for the rich and one law for the poor. The RAF had expensive brand new aqualungs provided for them but the FST had extreme difficulty in persuading the powers that be that desert boots should be provided for them. Oxygen we had to scrounge from Airworks and the lack of a reliable supply of nitrous oxide meant that anaesthetic techniques had to be modified and a less safe method used.

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