ATC, Commcen and Met Office

I was working in the Commcen one weekend and the Cpl Pete McQueen who was the Cpl in charge of the Commcen was in the tower acting as duty Air Traffic Controller. He made contact with me on the intercom to state someone was calling him. I asked if he was certain and he said he was not sure.

I went up to the tower and sure enough there was a call, Good afternoon Salalah tower this is G-XXXX aircraft call sign. . I suggested to Pete that is was an aircraft wanting to land but Pete decided it was a mistake and did not reply I looked out of the tower and sure enough a twin engine light aircraft had landed and was taxiing towards the tower.

It was rapidly intercepted by a pink land rover with a few of the BATT lads aboard and was duly halted before it got any closer.
It was a genuine British aircraft which should apparently not have been landing there.

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