RAF Salalah


"Electric" Wardrobe

The webmaster seems to recall that the FST ORs were all crammed into one rather crowded hut and did not have the benefit of an electrically operated wardrobe(?) as this chap seems to have.

The Surgeon and the Anaesthetist shared a room in “Pongo Palace” alongside the Cracker Battery OC. No air-conditioning unlike the “Contract”, RAF Officers and the Resuscitation Officer who acted as camp MO. 

We were not bitter.

Update from Alan Marshall

The electric wardrobe.The reason for the cable into the back of the wardrobe was as follows:As with RAF Gan, Salalah at certain times got quite warm and with fairly high humidity. The lads used to cobble up a light bulb in the bottom of the wardrobe to keep the air dry around the clothing and laundry, much like an airing cupboard.

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