A view from a tower in one of the hedghogs, “B”,  out towards the jebel. There is a mortar pit immediately in the foreground and a structure containing SF GPMGs beyond it. The GPMGs could be aligned from data from the ZB298 or more reliably on previously zeroed locations. 


Hedgehog “B” was situated where the Wadi Jarsis spread out over the plain. It was equidistant from RAF Salalah and the foothills of the jebel. The dark circle indicates the effective range of the RAF Regiment 81mm mortars. The adoo 82mm mortars had a significantly shorter range.

The GPMG in SF mode and the 12.7mm HMG both had effective ranges of about 1800m.   

A 75mm RCL can throw a projectile  over 3000m whilst the 25pdrs in the camp had a range of 12000m.


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Sherishitti Caves
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