deb-51  :  The front of “Pongo Palace”

As per a myth – the “Pongo” was a unique ape.
When he sensed danger or felt scared – the “Pongo” did not climb trees like most apes or monkeys normally do.
But the “Pongo” would dig holes in the earth and hide himself in the ground – in the same way as infantrymen dug in and entrenched themselves in the ground when they were under attack in battle.

Another similar yarn says that “Pongo” is derived from the archaic name for the Orangutan – which had the habit of digging holes in the ground for no apparent reason – and then filling the holes back in.
The sailors probably observed army soldiers digging away – and hence the nickname “Pongo” for army soldiers.

“Crabs” – who only moved sideways and never progressed forwards – also used this term for the Army but in general had fewer slang terms than the “Fisheads”

The room on the near side of the photograph was occupied by the surgeon and the anaesthetist. The room on the far side was occupied by Henry from “Cracker Battery”. Neither room had air conditioning but that did not seem to cause too much discomfort. The Resuscitation Officer lived on the other side of the compound and did have the benefit of A/C.

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