Pre-fabricated Twynham huts come in bits and require an industrious team of RE Sappers to put them  together. The FST were eternally grateful to them for their efforts which allowed us to put the canvas tent behind us.

HANSARD 1803–2005 → 1950s → 1959 → December 1959 → 15 December 1959 → Written Answers (Commons) → BRITISH ARMY Twynham Hut HC Deb 15 December 1959 vol 615 cc152-3W 152W

§Mr. Driberg asked the Secretary of State for War if he will, for the information of hon. Members, place in the Library or the Upper Waiting Hall a model of the Twynham hut; and to what extent it is the practice of his Department to consult the Council of Industrial Design about the design, equipment and furnishing of this and other types of Army accommodation.

§Mr. Soames There is no suitable model available, but I am arranging for perspective drawings and plans to be placed in the Library. The Twynham hut is for temporary use in the field and 153W in emergency conditions. It was developed to an inter-Service specification by the Military Engineering Experimental Establishment.

So far as we are aware, the Council of Industrial Design is not concerned with the design of buildings. The majority of furnishings are obtained from the Ministry of Works.

The Twynham hut was manufactured somewhere near Bournemouth but the company is no longer in business.

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