TP49 : As a minor unit of little consequence the FST had no transport allocated to it. We had acquired an ambulance from the Gulf which had allegedly been spirited to Salalah by BATT. We also had an ancient Landrover which we had acquired from the sultan. Neither vehicle was on the RAF Salalah books and were neither serviced by the RAF or fuelled by the RAF. They suffered harrasment from the Snowdrop Sergeant when they returned to camp who had all sorts of irrelevent questions about insurance.The fuel for this one came from a pump in the back yard of the palace. The system was that the driver went upstairs to a blonde lady and she handed out a chitty which was then presented at the pump. She was known as “The Lady with………….” Obtaining the chitty was a coveted task… The driver is Pete Canning and the onlooker is Bud Holder.

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