There are three photos of the Dhofar Rugby ground where we played 30mins each way before the sun set as it was the coolest part of the day. I’m the guy with no sense of colour co-ordination. I eat a lot of dust out there playing prop! We’d go in the back of a lorry or a bus sometimes & take a young armed local kid along as security as the pitch was outside the town boundary. We were searched once at a checkpoint & the guards found the cooler boxes were full of beer not pop & I thought we were in trouble until we bunged them a few Heini’s & all was well again!”

Steve Culliford

Sn Sarfait 750x507 Web
Western Dhofar 23 Nov 22 Web 750x544
Sherishitti Sh 980 Deefa 750x656
Sherishitti Caves
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