55 Field Surgical Team RAMC

British Units in Dhofar

A large diversity of British Units were stationed in Oman. Some in large numbers and some represented by a single individual. There were a number of British Servicemen seconded to the Sultan’s forces and of course there were a number of “contract” officers and soldiers of British origin.

The intended deployment was as follows and was not insignificant.Click edit button to change this text.

All of these servicemen were volunteers and reportedly took no part in any fighting….

Guidance when dealing with the Press

Mr Paul Rose – MP for Blackley near Manchester – had asked for information from Lord Balniel in the Commons on 20th of January 1972 about British involvement in Dhofar and received a very limited reply.

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Royal Artillery

Cracker Battery officers and men
Locating and Radar Troop
Meteorological Troop
RA Signallers


‘B’ & ‘G’ Sqn
Attached specialists


Specialist Electronics


40,50 and 60 Field Sqns
Plant Operators

Intelligence Corps

BATT attached

Royal Corps of Signals

30 Signal Regiment
222 Signal Sqn
609 Signal Troop

Royal Army Medical Corps

55 FST
Some RAF and RN incorporated
24Field Ambulance

Royal Corps of Transport

Air Despatch BATT
Sections of Port Regiment


RAF “Services”

Admin Staff
MT Staff

RAF Regiment

2,15,51 Sqns

RAF Fire crews

RAF Police

RAF Officers seconded


Royal Navy

Royal Naval Medical Services

Surgeon seconded to FST

Marine Officers

Seconded to SAF


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Sherishitti Caves
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