“John the Vet”

Regrettably I ony have one picture of John and that is of the back of his head…….

The event in the photograph is the “doctoring” of MASH who was a little pet boy goat who had become rather aggressive and had taken to going around butting all and sundry.  Removing his “aggressive bits” would, we hoped, prevent him from becoming goat stew.  I seem to recall that the “bits” were thrown down the clay pipe which was normally used to dispose of beer cans. 

The whole sorry business was conducted on the table behind the bar in the officers’ mess supervised by Geordie the mess barman.  Geordie was one of those injured in the rocket attack on the camp where one missile hit the mess patio injuring many people.
"Judy the Gibbon" in MASH with Gerry (Radar) Farrell and her handler
Nick Cetti and "John the Vet" had some blood from her - Note the top of John's head - for examination by our lab tech Dave Barrow.
Roger Hicks, the FST radiographer, kindly took a whole body X-ray

Sadly, despite everyones best efforts, Judy died.


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