LOTJ-7  :  Luxury on the hill

What do these cave inhabitants accumulate around themselves that are essential to life on the jebel ? 

  • An ammmunition box
  • a pair of combat trousers
  • a helmet 
  • a belt pouch
  • a drinking mug
  • some more belt kit
  • a sleeping bag
  • an LMG
  • three SLRs
  • a picquet
  • wrinkly tin
  • box of cigarettes
  • box of compo
  • a shovel
  • a mess tin
  • several water bottles
  • jacket
  • a camp bed
  • a radio TxRx demonstrating why these things have to be “sapper proof”
  • a drinking mug
  • a water barrel

       and a sprinkling of barbed wire for good measure…….

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