Oman Gendarmerie


I met Chris Rodgers at a South Easter Region curry lunch at Hintlesham in 2022 where we talked “photographs” and he gave permission for the following images, which had already been published in the SAF Association Journal, to be included in the 55FST website.  The images have come from Flickr and I have not included all of the images that are on the Association website.  I am very grateful to him and am sure that those who have not found them in the Journal will find them most interesting.

He was in  OG/OCR from 1977 to 1979 and then MOD MAM from 1982 to 1986.

“Oman Gendarmerie was originally a para military police force with squadrons stationed all over Northern Oman.  On 1 January 1978 OG converted to a regular infantry Battalion and was renamed Oman Coast Regiment.  Shortly afterwards we all moved into one base at Bid Bid.  We lost our distinctive shemaghs which were then replaced by black berets.”

CH Rodgers 2023

The index has been arranged by location rather than by date order.

Sn Sarfait 750x507 Web
Western Dhofar 23 Nov 22 Web 750x544
Sherishitti Sh 980 Deefa 750x656
Sherishitti Caves
Dianas Web 600
Sn Hawf 750x507