The RAF Regiment, the “Rockapes” , were deployed to RAF Salalah to defend it from land attack. The perimeter of the base was pushed out by the establishment of the defensive “hedgehogs” which were manned by The Regiment armed with GPMGs and 81 mm mortars.

The intention was that insurgent RCLs would also be kept out of range of RAF Salalah.  The “Cracker Battery” of 25pdrs  provided a further discouragement for them to venture towards the base and effectively pushed the perimeter even further. The adoo sometimes adopted a policy of a close approach at night, loosing off a few rounds with a mortar and then scooting off before they could be targeted. They had huge good luck when one of their RCL rounds hit the officers’ mess in Salalah whilst a gathering was in progress. Several Strikemaster pilots were incapacitated but the insurgents were long gone before any response could be made.

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