55 Field Surgical Team RAMC

FST Standing Orders

1. All members are oncall 24hrs a day and are to ensure that they are fit for duty

Uniform/bare buff with clean shorts must be worn around FST.
When visiting other units shirts, shorts/slacks and hats Olive Green or khaki will be worn.
NO unauthorised head-dress will be worn.
Shorts will not be worn down town.

3. The FST will divide into three main groups as follows :
          a. Operating theatre teams
          b. Nursing teams
          c. Laboratory and XRay team

4. Operating theatre teams
          a. Senior OTT will be in charge of these teams
          b. He will publish and display a duty roster of these teams
          c. The team on call will remain in camp during their tour of duty unless required to go the civil hospital
          d. They will notify the SMC/FST of their location.

5. Nursing Team
          a. The senior nurse is in charge of this team
          b. He will publish and display a duty roster in the FST

6. Laboratory and Xray
    These technicians must inform the SMC/FST of their location at all times.

7. Duty Driver
          a. Duty driver will be nominated and roster published by ***** b. He will hold current valid driving licence
          c. He will remain within the camp unless hsi duties require otherwise
          d. When the arrival of casualties is notified, if there are any members of the team on the beach he will                   immediately proceed there and collect them.
          e. Speed limits will be strictly adhered to.
          f. No flags or pennants will be flown from either vehicle.

8. No member of the FST will leave the camp without the authority from the OC, 2IC or the SMO

9. Beach.
Bathing is permitted only at Taylor Woodrow or “Salalah Beach” If only one Land Rover is available, the duty driver will leave the bathers at the beach and collect them at a specified time, or earlier if duty requires.Off duty personnel must report to the Duty Medical Officer if going to the beach. Periods of absence exceeding 1 hour require a special pass from OC.

                                                                                                        JG Johnston                                                                                                        Major RAMC

                                                                                                          Commanding 55FST                                                                                                     

The Standing Orders seem to be obsessed with the beach. The previous FST had been bored and spent huge amounts of time down on the beach. It was not to be so with the “Johnston” FST. Time was one issue but the beach became out of bounds both for tactical reasons and because the monsoon rollers made it too dangerous to go into the water.