55 Field Surgical Team RAMC

20th June 2020

A considerable numbers of pages have been tiedied up in the “Documents” page. I am slowly working my way towards the middle.

1st June 2020

Bad url Data/Clinical corrected

31st May 2020

Radio 219 sound clips re-instated -see “Documents” page.

16th May 2020

Some pages in the “Documents” file have been upgraded. “The Surgeon’s Tale” is now under modification and the various *.pdf files in the documents after it will follow. An overview of the war by Major General Ken Perkins has also been added.

10th May 2020

Gradual progess file by file with the *.pdfs on what has become a wet day in Norfolk.

9th May 2020

There are problems with displaying *.pdf files at the moment. I will attempt to resolve it rather that presenting the pages as *.jpeg files.

21st April 2020

Data entry restarted. There may be some interruptions as the copies were made on two dates in 2011 and are inevitably not  continuous as they are on separate SD cards.

16th April 2020

Commenced “Timeline” under the “Data” tab which is based upon an MOD diary summary of events in Dhofar. *.pdf has been chosen to make this more easily readable (on hold for the moment 17/04 : 11:31BST)

19th March 2020

Corona virus lockdown may put me in front of the screen but an unfortunate clash between a router and my right hand has slowed me up.

5th March 2020

“SOAF and Mirbat” entered on the “Affair at Mirbat” page.

2nd February 2020

No changes made since January

24th January 2020

Broken link   “Documents” to “RE Photographs”   restored.

13th January 2020

Several broken links restored

31st December 2019

A prosperous New Year to all 55FST followers

14th December 2019

Well Friday went rather well to say the least !  – can concentrate on putting up the Christmas tree now that the Site Index is almost complete – start again in January.

11th December 2019

The Site Index in the Admin section is being populated. I am having problems with the formatting. However when complete the index will be searchable and each entry will have a  link to the relevent page. Fingers crossed for Friday !

18th November 2019

Doc-106 “The Salalah Hook” uploaded

14th November 2019

Photographs – “SAF Museum” commenced

8th November 2019

Nick Cetti’s photographs uploaded.

4th November 2019

Never mind. We did better at Rorke’s Drift. The last few days have been taken up with altering the presentation of the photographs.

26th October 2019


22nd October 2019

Success for England in Japan but defeat in Parliament for common sense.  David Raitt’s photographs uploaded and the SOAF page commenced with the section on Marbat

11th October 2019

A good number of “Town and Plain” photographs started. HMRC deadline met for 31st Oct written submissions !

15th September 2019

RE photographs completed now 10 days in Topsham.

4th September 2019

Monumentally slow progress with the Royal Engineers photographs but the beech hedge has been cut.

12th  August 2019

Nosworthy Card list being built up. This will be a bit tedious but was central to the original website.

12th  August 2019

Nosworthy Card list being built up. This will be a bit tedious but was central to the original website.

8th August 2019

The URL links are being changed day by day and may appear broken if you have not recently cleared the data in your browser.

2nd August 2019

A week travelling around Scotland by train both steam and diesel with brilliant sunshine and few midges. Almost all of “Documents” completed

1st July 2019

Just a few Documents put in place. Now up to 68. Large amount of background housekeeping to the site

21st June 2019

Major change in format to make the website more tablet friendly. More entries made into “Documents”


17th June 2019

One SAF Association Lunch in York and one in London have restricted progress on the website. However there has been further progress on the “Documents” section.

16th May 2019

“Tail –end Charlies” added to “Documents”

8th May 2019

Ten days in the sunshine floating up the Danube and “Adoo Medical Provision” added. The communists did not do Bulgaria or Romania much good. What would they have done to Oman?

23rd April 2019

Further interruption following a week in Topsham and a week in Surbiton.

8th April 2019

Updates interrupted by the OTTs (Operating Theatre Technicians) bi-annual reunion in Buxton

1st April 2019

Documents as far as “The Telegraphist’s Tale

30th March 2019

Some updates to photographs and to Documents. No update to Brexit…….

25th March 2019

RAF ORB Update in “Documents” and the lawns need scarifying whilst its  sunny and I have the inclination.

22nd March 2019

 Some effort has been put into making the website visible on tablets using a small iPad as an example. I have not had any success with mobile phones.

6th March 2019

 “Sources” page has been largely completed 

4th March 2019

An awful lot of fiddling around trying to make the pages present well on Apple devices has not prove to be fruitful and has been abandoned. PC and Samsung tablets however present well.

1st March 2019

Introduction and History pages setup : Media Library Folders Pro setup :

25th February 2019

Setup with CSS Hero

23rd February 2019

Initial Setup : FRA 27 – SCO- 10    and   WAL 21 – ENG 13