20th June 2022

A few more images from Michael Stevens and a book cover, in Sources, for Sir Simon Mayall’s book. “Soldier in the Sand”

4th June 2022

One URL fixed whilst the weather keeps me in from the garden.

5th May 2022

The plugin used to connect some images to *.pdf files is no longer supported. Consequently there are some broken links which I will fix as I come across them or when somebody draws them to my attention.

8th February 2022

Most of the graphic design changes in the “Documents” section completed.

29th January 2022

Some changes made to the “Sources” page ; new “anchor points” inserted. Changes to “Documents” commenced.

10th December 2021

New entry in “Documents” relating to the Soviet press reporting. Update of Index Page

23th November 2021

Some changes made to backgrounds. Commenced re-building SOAF/Marbat page.

13th November 2021

Cousins and friends in Oz and NZ are not happy….. You win some you lose some.

3rd November 2021

Changes in process¬† –¬† a long and very tedious process¬† – to the Documents page whereby the page that is opened by clicking an icon returns to the same “anchor” on the “Documents” page. An “Index” icon is also being added to each page. “Sources” pages have been updated.

1st November 2021

“British Units/Troops in Dhofar” entered in the “Documents” section.

27th October 2021

All previous Updates deleted.

PHP 7.4 installed

Updraft Plus Premium plugin installed.