The David Cuthbertson and Trish Sole Archive


In 2013 David Cuthbertson, who had served in Oman from 1974 -76, published a collection of both his and Trish Sole’s photographs. Unfortunately when died his website closed down.

The Royal Engineers Dhofar Group located his family and they were generous enough to provide the site data and give permission for it to be published as long as it retained the original  graphic design. Trish Sole also approved use of her images.

The site is presented “as was” and is incorporated into this website. There was other data in the files that David obviously intended to incorporate into the site. I have left this out. The route to Trish Sole’s images is rather obscure but   Data/Archive/About Dhofar/TSole Home Page    will bring it up quickly.

I am most grateful to David Cuthbertson’s family and also to Trish Sole for permission to publish their website.

The copyright of all the material in their section of the website lies with Trish Sole and the Cuthbertson family



Sn Sarfait 750x507 Web
Western Dhofar 23 Nov 22 Web 750x544
Sherishitti Sh 980 Deefa 750x656
Sherishitti Caves
Dianas Web 600
Sn Hawf 750x507