Photographs of the Sultanate of Oman
& the Sultan’s Armed Forces 1974-76

‘Snap shooting in Oman’


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The Sultan of Oman, on succeeding his father, was involved in a war in Dhofar against communist rebels supported by the Peoples Democratic Republic of Yemen (PDRY) which had started in  1965, and was a war seldom reported in UK. 

The British Government supported the Sultan with approximately 120 ‘seconded’ personnel on Loan Service at any one time to lead and train the Sultan’s Armed Forces, plus, many ex-service personnel were recruited on direct contract. Some specialist British units were also posted to Oman.

During the period covered by this web site the ‘war’ in the Dhofar area was officially concluded. During the same period great strides were being initiated and achieved towards development of infrastructure and services throughout the country. The photographs relate to what was at that time a fairly primitive yet beautiful Islamic country with a very friendly and hospitable people.

This 3rd edition of the site includes a section on Civil Aid Development which can be accessed by links on either the ‘About this site’ page using the button above, or from the ‘Dhofar Area’ Page button on the top bar. 

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