Soviet Press Reporting

A number of magazine and newspaper articles about the insurrection in Dhofar did appear in the British Press. There are a few examples early on in the “Documents” pages. It would be fair to say that there  were few as reporters were only granted very limited access to Dhofar. The British Government were very keen to distance themselves from any involvement in Oman.

Some reporters did file copy from the sultanate side and others from the side of the insurgents. The most prominent promoter of the dissident side was  the anti-British Fred Halliday, a future Left Wing  professor at the  London School of Economics, who made at least two visits to Dhofar under the wing of the adoo.

Reports did appear from the Aden News Agency, from Lebanon, other countries in the Middle East, from France and from the Soviet Union.

The article presented below comes from “New Times” a weekly Russian news sheet (During the Soviet times it was a multi-language political magazine which followed the official party line.) and is authored by Antony Vasilyev

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