Battle Casualties

C.M.A. Melsom MBE FRCS Lt Col RAMC, M.D. Farrar FFARCS Major RAMC,
R.C. Volkers FRCS Major RAMC(V)
Annals of the Royal College of Surgeons (1975) Vol 56 209 – 303

This FST incarnation was in Salalah from late 1972 to early 1973.

80 casualties were seen in the three and a half months that they were in Salalah.

56% of the 73 who reached the FST alive had major injuries.

2 died giving an overall survival rate of 88.75% (71 / 80)

The article assessed the effects of first aid and rapid evacuation on survival. The influence of these practices on surgical workload and facilities are discussed with their relevance to accident planning in military and civilian practices

On the 3rd February 1973 this team are recorded as having treated 15 battle casualties and then on the 6th of February a further 29 casualties. – see ORB F540

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