Peter Isaacs

“Immediately following the 1976 monsoon the Regiment took part in the hastily mounted anti-incursion operation as part of an attempt to stop a PLFO special force reaching the Eastern Area.  FF were deployed in blocking positions west of the Hornbeam Line and it was during this period NQB Mohd Ali and Raa’id Peter Isaacs were sadly injured on old adoo mines.This operation was succeeded by the 1976 post-monsoon operation Op”Hashish Mahrouk” which we mounted in the Eastern Area in conjunction with KJ.There were no contacts with the adoo during the period and we established three positions in the area of the Jebel Hashib feature”
SAF Newsletter No 20 1977

Peter Isaacs came upon this website in November 2008 and has been good enough to give his permission for the following e-mails to be published. I have taken the liberty of inserting some hyperlinks into the body of his text.  Adobe Reader is required for some links. 

There are further bits of information on mines in the Royal Engineers section of this website. 

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