“Oh the Adu is a rebel and he lives up in the jebel
Always playing with his RCL”

Who were the adoo and what could be expected of them ?

SAF had much the same idea as Mao and set about distributing to all members of SAF a memorandum which would help would help them understand the adoo better. There was much about the adoo that was well understood. Many of them were, after all, Dhofaris and jebalis who had lived in the country for their whole lives and had relatives in the Sultan’s forces or in the towns in Dhofar.

 What was different about the adoo and unfamiliar to SAF was what they had been indoctrinated with either whilst they had been abroad or what was taught to them by those who had had instruction in the USSR or China. The adoo were a skilful and brave enemy who without all the advantages that SAF had gave them a run for their money.

SAF set about trying to cast some light on what was not familiar and widely distributed the following document

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