Mirbat from the Omani Point of View

The text below is taken from the account of the battle as displayed in the SAF Museum at Bait al Falaj. All of it has been transcribed from the account on the wall on the right of the photograph which details the Omani record of the battle.

“The rebels launched a large scale attack on the town on the morning of the 17th July 1972 shelling it with mortars and medium and heavy machine gun fire. Their aim was to raise their own battered morale. It is estimated that about 300 rebels took part in the operation

The Mirbat Firqa was able to contain the attack although it was faced by greater numbers of men and weapons. The town’s defence was centered around the fort where the men of the Mirbat Garrison stood firmly shoulder to shoulder with the men of the Firquas who showed outstanding heroism in their defence of the town. In addition to these ground forces Strikemaster aircraft from the Sultan of Oman’s Air Force attacked rebel concentrations.

The rebels fled in disorder leaving behind them tens of dead in addition to their wounded some of whom were captured. Several men of the Sultan’s Armed Forces died in this glorious and heroic battle. The battle of Mirbat is considered to be one of the decisive battles in the Southern Region and paved the way for the elimination of the rebels from the region within a short time.”

The webmaster understands that BATT were also involved in this engagement but somehow seem to have been overlooked.

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