Psyops were used in the war in Dhofar and in various books that have been written there have been references to psychological warfare activity.  Most refer to Radio Aden which had a powerful transmitter whose coverage was excellent on the jebel.

BATT seem to have had a significant input with four of their members in the Psyops team which was commanded by an officer.  Amongst their tasks was the need to demonstrate that life was better under the Sultan by demonstrating that the Hearts and Minds operation was a success.

Going up onto the jebel, in mufti, with the veterinary officer and a photographer would demonstrate in a peaceful way that they were there to help rather than simply to make their point through warlike activities.

The Radio Salalah transmiiter whilst less powerful than that over the border in PDRY could be heard over the jebel with simple transistor radios.  These were dished out to the jebalis in Salalah market and taken up onto the jebel so that the Sultans voice and propaganda could be heard far and wide.

As the government radio in Salalah was more accurate than Radio Aden the adoo smashed radios and punished those who listened to Radio Salalah.  However the jebalis had been given them and, easy come,easy go they were not too fussed by what the adoo had done.  This was clearly a problem for those who wanted to get the government point of view across.

It is alleged that a BATT sergeant came up with the bright idea of selling the radios,very cheaply, to the jebalis in the hope that if they had paid for them they were unlikely to let the adoo confiscate them.

Apparently it worked.

The document attached to this pages outlines the various methods used by Psyops operatives to get the message across.  They are many and varied. Remember there was no Twitter or Facebook !Click edit button to change this text.

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