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As the year have gone by a number of video recordings have been placed in the public domain and appeared on the internet. The links that appear on this page do not point to places on this website but to locations elsewhere on the web such as YouTube. The webmaster has no control over these and they may be taken down and become unavailable as the individual authors see fit.



The Dhofar War was fought in Oman between 1965 and 1975 against Marxist guerillas who wanted to take control of the Strait of Hormuz. Oman sought the help of Iran, Jordan, India, Pakistan and Britain. Ian Gardiner was a Royal Marine and was one of a number of British officers who fought there. This talk is based on his book “In the Service of the Sultan” which describes the fighting from the point of view of a junior officer leading Arab soldiers in this hard fought little known, yet 

Uploaded 23rd Feb 2009 Ian Gardiner
Published 30th Sept 2009 Nigel Knocker

The Anglo Omani Society’s has now begun its Oral History Project. This will include a series of videos sharing the experiences and reflections of notable British an Omani figures. Listen here to the words of Colonel Nigel Knocker as he speaks on his time operating with the British Army in Dhofar. Interview conducted and produced by Callum Maxwell.

Tristran Ofield

This is a trailer for a longer film which premiered at the Broadway cinema in Hockley, England, on November 2016. A professionally made documentary centering around Operations Jaguar, Cyclops and Dragon with some good video. The full film is available  on Amazon Prime

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Sherishitti Caves
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