The Strick Line Company operated cargo liners and tramp ships between the United Kingdom and the Perisan Gulf. Their ships invariably had a name which ended in *stan e.g. Nigaristan.

The company was founded in 1887 to export coal from Cardiff to Northern France and then expanded to trade in the Mediterranean.Further expansion in 1892 povided bunker coal to Basrah and Bushire.

In 1909 not only coal was being carried but pilgrims as well.The company then became associated with various others including P&O and with a falling coal trade revenue in the 1950s was engaged in carrying cargo and passengers around the Arabian coast and into the Persian Gulf.

The very nature of the trade that very often the ships had to offload very heavy cargos in ports where the facilities were very limited and no heavy lift cranes were available. Photographs of the SS Nigaristan show that she has a heavy lift derrick and some of their other ships had a Stulcken derrick to manage loads of up to 300 tonnes.
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