51 Field Surgical Team

51 FST was one of two FSTs based at the Cambridge Military Hospital.
The other was the 23 Para Field Amb Team.

Lt Col     Thompson           :Plastic Surgeon.
Col Fitzpatrick                    :The Gasman.
Capt       Foxley                  : Resus Officer
Myself                                  :Lab Tech
Clerk                                     :Bob Booth.

OTT, the ones I remember were Ken Hannah, Davy Armor, Andy Jepson

I cant remember the name of the 4th OTT, or the Radiographer.

We were called out at short notice, around the same time as Motorman in NI and thought we were off there.
In those days no one had heard of Salalah.
We had to go to to Aldershot Library to find out where Salalah was!
All our equipement , including tentage was stored up at 2 Fld Hosp.
We spent 48 hrs checking it over then us and the equipement were shipped to Brize Norton, where we had our own dedicated Britannia Flight to Bahrain.
We spent 2 days in Bahrain and then again had a dedicated Argosy flight to Salalah.
We took over from a small RAF team who were based in the Medical Centre, who had left shortly before we arrived.
I’ll think more about it all and let you know more details soon.
By the way I did two tours in Salalah, 51 FST in 71 and 55 FST in 72.
I think I was the only Medic to do a second tour”
(I think you would have to talk to Bud Holder about that-webmaster)

David Gault

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