Postal and Courier Service RAF Salalah

Roger Hicks (RAMC), John Jackett (RE), Gerry Farrell (RAMC), Dave Barrow (RAMC)

When Dave Gladwin came back for his second Posting, indeed to close FPO Salalah, he was looked after by the RE troop from “Down the road”, 2 photos attached of members of that Troop, unfortunatley they are not designated as to which RE troop. however the OC is named by David:

August 1977 when I came back again, to formalise the closure, we were initially going to do that as soon as the major celebrations of the birthday of Sultan Qaboos bin Said was over on 18th November.

The Holiday Inn [ now The Crown Plaza ] was home to King Hussein of Jordan – guest of honour, plane loads of UK personnel were flown in, including The Red Arrows and The White Helmets display teams.

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Sherishitti Caves
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