HM Embassy in PDRY

                                                               1970 to 1972 H.E. Arthur      KELLAS
                                                               1972 to 1975 H.E. Granville  RAMAGE

Diplomacy in PDYR seemed to go on hold for a time and there was no UK ambassador from 1975 to 1983

In 1973 the ambassador or one of his staff wrote a short record of the more significant events of the preceding year. Amongst other matters it mentions some of the border incidents and lays some blame at the feet of the perfidious British. 

It also records that the South Yemenis were intent on trying to gain help from all and sundry not in the least the British whilst establishing as many contacts as possible with Eastern Bloc countries.  It is worthwhile noting that they appeared to be courting both China and the USSR.


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