The SOAF, SAF and SON were tightly integrated, mutually supportive and totally reliant on each other in the pursuance of the war against the insurgents. The mobilty and supply afforded to SAF was second to none whilst the rapid delivery of  rockets, bombs and bullets were very often decisive in support of the troops on the ground. SOAF operated both in Oman and on occasion against targets across the border in PDRY.

SOAF did not have any heavier lift transports such as the C-130 Hercules but did take advantage of thier services which were provided by the RAF.

It was not all one sided and heavy machine guns and SAMs took a significant toll on aircraft and pilots.

‘Nobby’ Grey describes two particular incidents involving the Strikemasters


A direct consequence of the attack on Habrut was the Sultanate attack on the Yemeni town of Hauf just across the border in the PDRY

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