The accounts given on this page have kindly been provided by Denis “Nobby” Grey. The film footage was also provided by him and the copyright of this belongs to Nobby and David Milne-Smith.

The video sections on this page have yet to be uploaded.

An account of the provocation leading up to the attack on the PDRY fort at Habrut

I am grateful to Andy Dunsire for this splendid photograph of the fort at Habrut which was taken by him in 1975 or 1976

Nobby Grey’s account of the attack explaining what is seen on the film.

Neither video has soundtrack. The Windows video is of better quality than the MPEG-4

The attack on Habrut caused a stir in London as HMG was most concerned that no UK personnel strayed across the border. This applied to both pilots and ground troops. For example if somebody from the UK were to be caught across the border with a truckload of explosives, intent on blowing up a military installation in the PDRY it would be embarrassing to HMG.

Accordingly the rules were laid down by Sir Alec Douglas-Home

In addition to the Government’s nervousness about UK seconded pilots crossing the border the MOD were not at all convinced that a cross-border raid would do an awful lot of harm to the enemy

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