Provocation for the attack on Habrut

“On the 5th May the Garrison of the forces of the Peoples Democratic Republic of Yemen stationed in their fort at Habarut opened heavy fire with mortars and machine guns on the small garrison in the Sultanate fort on the Sultanate side of the border. This criminal attack was started by PDRY forces and had without doubt been carefully prepared. This act of aggression against the Sultanate was totally unprovoked. His Majesty Qaboos bin Said Sultan of Oman and his Government at once informed the member states of the Arab League and the United Nations of this criminal act by the Forces of PDRY.”

“On the orders of The Sultanate Government leaflets were dropped on the aggressors warning them that unless they ceased firing immediately heavy retaliatory action would be taken against them. The aggressors however continued to fire at the Sultanate fort. In consequence a series of successful air strikes were made by the Sultan’s Air Force against the PDRY fort and mortar positions. It is known that heavy casualties and severe damage were inflicted on the aggressors. Sultanate forces in the Habarut area have been strengthened. Our small garrison at Habarut, commanded by 2/Lt Hassan Ehsan of the Dhofar Gendarmerie, conducted themselves with courage and coolness in the face of this heavy, prolonged attack, which caused the deaths of six of the Sultanate Garrison and injuries to four others. 2/Lt Hassan Ehsan and his men are to be sincerely congratulated on the way they did their duty.”

“This wicked and brutal attack by The Forces of The Peoples Democratic Republic of Yemen, launched without cause or warning across a peaceful international frontier has opened the eyes of the world to the aggressive plans of the communist Government in Aden and of the Peoples Front for the Liberation of Oman and the Arabian Gulf (PFLOAG) whom they support in every way. The Arab nations and other powerful friendly nations now realise the righteousness of the cause for which the Sultanate has for so long been fighting alone in Dhofar. Thus the attack on Habarut will without doubt bring to the side of His Majesty Qaboos bin Said, Sultan of Oman and the peoples of Oman increasing international sympathy and practical help.”

“His Majesty the Sultan was graciously pleased to approve the award of the Sultan’s Gallantry Medal to 2/Lt Hassan Ehsan Dhofar Gendarmerie, for his outstanding conduct on this occasion.”

“Later a SAF force returned to Habarut and found that the enemy had crossed the border and destroyed our fort with skilfully placed explosive charges.”

Sultan’s Armed Forces Journal Issue 9 1972 Page 8                                                                             

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