Photographs of The Sultan’s Forces 1974 – 76
Navy and Coast

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In 1974 the Navy was being modernised and expanded but these photographs only relate to what were traditional coastal vessels and places. Dhows Charlie 2 and 3 played a significant role by denying enemy sea borne traffic and gave support to SAF Dhofar coastal land operations before being ‘retired’ in 1975.


Muscat Bay 1974
Navy Dhow Charlie 3 1974
New Muscat Naval Base 1975
Dhows at Raysut 1974

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Navy Dhow Charlie 2 1974
Raysut Area Coastline 1974
An Omani Dhow skipper 1974
Navy Dhow Charlie 2 1974
Crab hills Salalah beach 1975
Typical coastal dhow 1975
Dalmanyat Islands
Dhows near Muscat 1975

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