Photographs of The Sultan’s Armed Forces 1974-76

The Army in Northern Oman Summary and Thumbnail photograph links

1974 the Army was split between the North and Dhofar in the South of Oman. Headquarters SAF was based at Bait al Falaj (Ruwi, near Muscat), and throughout the north Regiments were stationed. The Training Regiment (SAFTR), and the Headquarters of other Arms and Services were also established at various northern locations. Infantry Regiments changed with those on operations in Dhofar every nine months or so.
Northern Oman terrorist activity had mainly been eliminated by 1974 and it subsequently failed to be an active threat. Movement outside the Seeb – Muscat area required armed escort until the end of 1975Select a thumbnail photograph for a larger view  

Headquarters SAF Bait Al Falaj
'Blackpool Beach' f(from the west)
Oman emblem used as SAF Badge
Headquarters SAF Another view of fort

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SAF (Blackpool) Beach at Ras al Hamra
Oman Gendarmerie Officers Mess Garden
SAFTR at base of Jebel from new asphalt road
SAFTR Camp 1975
SAFTR Board outside Camp at Ghallah
1st Officer Cadets Course at SAFTER


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