Photographs of The Sultan’s Armed Forces 1974-76
Dhofar Region

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Trish Sole

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In 1974 the Dhofar War was turning in favour of the Sultan with forces well established ‘on the jebel’.

Dhofar Jebali tribesmen were changing loyalty and being formed into local mititia (firqat) as they started to benefit from the progressive regime and successes of SAF.

Salalah and main roads to the airfield had a new asphalt surface (which deterred sowing of mines). SAF traffic was mainly by helicopters to the jebel, although heavily armed military convoys did penetrate many areas of the Central and ‘East’ sectors. The coast road to Mirbat and the road inland to Midway (Thumrait) were still ‘graded’ and liable to enemy ambush and mines. In December 1975 the war was declared ‘won’ although there were a number of incidents of rebel activity recorded in 1976-77.

The photographs below supplement those shown in the Army (Dhofar) section.

NEW in EDITION 3 (2010)

This new section is in support of Dhofar photographs and highlights the Civil Aid Development of the region. A link is provided to a galleries of photographs contributed by Trish Sole (a civilian contract nurse ’75-’76) who was based at the Salalah Civilian Hospital and travelled throughout the region.

Exit gate from Salalah 1974
Salalah beach villa 1974
Garden at Ummal Gwarrif 1974
Salalah souk 1974
Rock descent tp 'Spur'
Wadi at Mugsayl 1974
'Down the well' at Tawi Atair
New clinic at Tawi Atair
Jebali dwellings
New water tanks at Tawi Atair
Cattle watering at Tawi Atair
Tawi Atair well
Wadi Jarsis
Sunset on frankinsense

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