Photographs of The Sultan’s Armed Forces 1974-76

Northern Oman
Dhofar Region

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The whole of the Dhofar region was an operational area (since 1965) against the rebels (Adoo) who were supported from the Peoples Democratic Republic of Yemen (PDRY). There was evidence of Chinese and Soviet support for the Communist uprising under the guise of the Popular Front for the Liberation of the Arabian Gulf (PFLOAG).
All three services were involved in denying supplies, movement and firm bases, and at the same time endeavoured to establish and develop water, medical, education and communication resources for the population. SAF occupied strategic bases at Sarfait (on the PDRY border), the Hornbeam Line (from Mugsayl on the coast for 35 KM northwards, the Dianas 1-4 on the jebel above the Salalah coastal plain, and the eastern part was mainly covered by Firqa (irregular and loyal Dhofaris) with BATT and SAF attachments. An Iranian Brigade occupied the Damavand line and a new Operation Hammer established the Hammer line in November 1974.
Two SAF Regiments , FF (Frontier Force) and KJ (Katiba al Janoob – Southern Regiment) were permanently based in Dhofar and made up mainly of soldiers recruited from Baluchistan.
Photographs relate to Salalah area, Dianas, Hornbeam Line, Operation Mutraqa (Hammer Line), and for Tawi Attair in the east area use the Dhofar Area Button on the main Button Bar above.

Umm al Gwarrif Fort HQ Jebel Regiment 1974
Hornbeam Line looking south 1975
Hornbeam Line 'Reef' bunkers 1974
Mugsayl HQ Desert Regiment
HQ KJ Mess Arzat 1975
Hornbeam Line Wire defence line
Hornbeam Line down to 'Spur'
HQ FF atRaysut 1975
Hornbeam Line looking back to 'Reef'
Hornbeam Line onn the feature'Spur'
Hornbeam Line Adoo breach of wire
Bunker Diana 2 1974
Diana 2 on jbel above Salalah plain
Hammer Line Saladin on objective
Op Mutraqa (Hammer) Beyond the vegetation
Op Mutraqa (Hammer) Stop
Hammer Line Mortar Position
Hammer Line Saladin on objective
Hammer Line Artillery
Hammer Line Mortars on H4

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