Photographs of The Sultanate of Oman 1974 -76
Dhofar Area


Dhofar Area photographs from Trish Sole
SALALAH and Coastal Plain

It is amazing that as late as early in 1974 Salalah was almost surrounded by adoo on the jebel, and regularly received ‘incomers’.

Then SAF started to move to establish a presence at strategic locations on the jebel, Iranian and Jordanian support on the ground plus increased air movement support enabled CAD programme to work as soon as an area was reasonably safe.

By 1975 the Salalah Plain sprouted the start of the black-topped road northwards towards Thumrait and preparatory construction of other roads on the Salalah plain. The photograph on the right shows the coastal town of Taqua from the air, with the new road under construction from Salalah entering the photograph (bottom left).

Below we concentrate on photographs of people within Salalah and show some hospital patients and staff. It should be noted that Trish received permission to take the photographs, especially portrait style pictures.

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A child of Salalah
A mother and child at the hospital
'Sirrif' a, a hospital aide
Mother and baby
Male dancers nNational Day 1975
A cross dresser?
Girls dancing
Salalah muscian 1975
Adornments worn at National Day 1975
A male dancer with a wig
Chief Medical Officer
A jebali patient
Salalah hospital cooks
Child receives a blood transfusion
TB patients at Hospital from coastal village
Aircraft at Salalah

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