Photographs of The Sultanate of Oman 1974 -76
Dhofar Area


Dhofar Area photographs from Trish Sole

T Sole
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The East Jebel area is considered on this site as east of the Salalah to Thumrait (Midway) road and does include Tawi Attair but since Tawi area was possibly considered as the ‘model’ of initial Civil Aid provision it has its own pages on this web site.
This part of the site deals with no less important strategic locations where considerable rebel activity took place and even had sporadic opposition activity even during 1976.
The locations are represented by the names below photograph thumbnails.
The photograph highlights Salalah airfield from which the CAD department relied on support for travel to many of the locations and the provision of varying degrees of supplies and aid.

Jibjat from the air
Jibjat school
Medinat As Saan Firqa
Locals at Medinat al Haq

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Medinat Al Haq from the air
Medinat Al Haq exposed
New well at Medinat Al Haq
Family Home at Medinat Al Haq
Cattle arrive to water at Medinat Al Haq
Medinat Al Haq girl
Mum and children at Medinat Al Haq
Hillside group of dwellings at Medinat Al Haq

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