Photographs of The Sultanate of Oman 1974 -76
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Dhofar Area photographs from Trish Sole
Dhofar West of Salalah – Jebel and coast

Trish Sole

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Late 1972 – June ’74 SAF started a permanent presence at strategic locations on the jebel such as Mugsayl (Hornbeam Line), and with Iranian and Jordanian support on the ground plus increased air movement support a CAD programme was implemented as soon as it was reasonably safe. March 1974 saw occupation of Diana 1 & 2 on the Jebel above Salalah yet incomers continued on all SAF positions throughout the jebel making CAD difficult until security was guaranteed.

Sarfait (see photograph) was a SAF position defending the border with PDRY (Yemen). The promentory down the escarpment was know as Capstan and played a key role in fighting and the restricting of adoo coastal supply routes into Dhofar.
(You can compare the photograph with an Imperial War Museum picture depicting the period by clicking on this photograph.)

Coastal villages tended to be adoo strongholds although some often changed hands until SAF were able to establish some permanency during 1975, Raykhut received CAD support from January ’75, and Dalkut was the last village in enemy hands being nearest to the border (approx 12 Km) from Hauf and was liberated on 1st December 1975 as part of Operation Hadaf.

The photographs show types of terrain and locations with some indication of the lifestyle the local population endured. Locations are limited in number due to the military situation up to the end of 1975 and early 1976.

Dalkut on the coast
Camels at Dalkut
Temporary Clinic at Shisr NNW of Thumrait
Raykhut airstrip
Tending cattle at Raykhut
Dwellings at Raykhut
Raykhut modern dwelling
Raykhut inhabitant
Manston (Aydam) airstrip
Manston ((Aydam)
Jebali travel in Dhofar
Firquat at Raysut
Medical examination
Wadi at Mugshayl

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