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Dhofar Area photographs from Trish Sole

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Tawi Attair, although also in the East Jebel Area, was one of the first settlements to have comprehensive aid. It’s natural well, loyal Firqa and a good centre for livestock created the foundation for civil aid. A clinic was built, school started, and in June 1975 the first livestock transportation to market by the army took place. The one shown here was January 1976.
Sporadic ‘adoo’ incidents were contained by SAS and local Firqa, with SAF/SOAF support throughout.
Trish visited many times, travelling by air and also by escorted military convoy.

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A panorama 'stitch' of four photographs of the Tawi Atair Landscape early 1975

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Trish Sole on the jebel
Tawi Atair 'sangar'
Trish with 'minder'
At the Tawi Atair well
Tawi Atair dwellings
Tawi Atair well
Tawi Atair well
Goats under the trees
Children greet arrival
Children with teacher
The goat shelter
Cattle and camels
Cattle arrive at Tawi
Convoy to collect the cattle
Preparing to load cattle
Cattle loading by hand

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