Photographs of The Sultanate of Oman 1974 -76
Dhofar Area


Dhofar Area photographs from Trish Sole
North East Dhofar Coast – Coastal Settlements

Beyond Taqah travelling eastwards is Mirbat, the scene of a decisive battle with the adoo in July 1972. The air photo below shows Mirbat and how the coast travels north-eastwards.

Mirbat is just right of centre of picture

With very little enemy activity the coastal north eastern settlements were able to receive CAD assistance and this section shows villages NE of Mirbat and the people who benefitted from the ‘flying doctor’ and other services. Trish Sole was able to visit many locations as a member of the CAD teams and to take some invaluable photographs in areas not normally visited at the time, whilst also establishing a good rapport with the people – especially the women and children.

Although the Kuria Muria Islands lie just off the coast, a separate section is devoted due to the unique nature of the population, its habitat and livelihood.

All photographs were taken during 1975 and early 1976..

Hasik on the coast
Arrival at Hasik
Hasik dwellings
Hasik girl
Sharbatat dwellings
Sharbatat elders meeting
trish with women and children
Sharbatat portrait
Women of Sharbatat
Dispensing vitamins
Landed at Shuwaymayia
Shuwaymyia climb from the airstrip
Airstip in Jazir area
Inhabitant with camel and goats
A Jazir sewing session
Jazir woman shows off her jewellery

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