Photographs of the Sultanate of Oman 1974-76

Dhofar Area


Photographs from Trish Sole
The Kuria Muria Islands

Shalim and Jazur Al Hallaniyat islands are due east of the Oman coast from Hasik and start some 30 Km offshore to 80 Km. Only Hallaniyat was inhabited. The group of islands are better known by their former name as the Kuria Muria Islands.

In 1967 Britain handed the islands back to Oman having initially received them as a gift to Queen Victoria from Sayyid Sa’id bin Sultan who ruled 1807 – 1856.

The photograph opposite shows a typical method of inshore fishing which was the main occupation with subsistance living standards that barely supported the population.

A very short airstrip built by the Desert Regiment in 1967 on Al Hallaniya (the largest island of the group) limited flying to the use of Skyvans, and civil aid was essential with medical support a priority in order to eradicate TB from which many inhabitants suffered.

We provide a gallery of photographs exclusive to these islands because of the distinctive nature of the environment and inhabitants.

Unloading Skyvan at KM
KM Dwellings
Watching arrival of aircraft
Mohd Jabber talking with local headman
From airstrip to village
Watching fishing
A local fishing dhow
Sorting out the catch
A typical 'home' on KM
A sick patient
Chief Medical Officer examines patient at KM
Dhow with Tuna catch
A group of KM girls
Boy in the village
Family group
Rocky shoreline

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